Darn bugs, they seem, to be everywhere. While moving 2 larger pots I managed to find some black weevil larvae at the bottom of one of the pots. Cant blame the bugs it was nice and cool down there, and I can see why they were chillin’ like a villain down there. Anyhoo this means now I have to deal with it. I think I will have to call in the nematodes and hope that this kills the darn thing. I also got the Scanmask which had a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. I did go thru most of the pot, and mind you this is a big cloth sack I call a pot kinda thing, and has more dirt in it than I care to start thinking about, and managed to get about 6-7 of them. This was fortuitous since this would have been a huge problem had they all hit maturity and decided to have little bug families of their own.

The good part is , thanks to Amazon, it will be in here tomorrow and well, the bugs have started this war by attacking my plants and so this is theirs to lose ! You know with Mercury in retrograde and all that ! Speaking of bugs, today is make it rain for your doc’ day and I have a few doctors appointments. How fun! On the bright side, I do get the day off and get to finish up a few things around the house before the darn prolotherapy puts me in misery.


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