My journey through this thing they call life

& 7 months later

Well then, lets talk about a whirlwind. In the past 7 months two things have stood out as far as events in my life go.

  1. Getting divorced. One day I realized I had enough and I could not keep up with my lying and cheating, not just on her but with myself. It has been over for years but I just had to grow up and accept it. Here I am, 37, divorced, with not a thing to my name. The year ahead promises to be entertaining at the least.
  2. HR nightmare. This one seems like a recurrent bad dream. I dont see why someone is out to get me, but they sure as hell seem like it. They sure have not given up and I sure as hell have not quit so this will be continuing. So far I have been falsely accused of harassment, discrimination and just whatever else comes to their mind. At this point they should just come out in the open and mutiny but then that would mean that I think they have the courage and wherewithal to do that.

So now what ? Where to from here ? I managed to move into an apartment with my friend and will move into my own in the next month or so.  So much more to write but I am going to have to leave. At least I managed to write a few words today. Hopefully I can try making this a practice.

2 Responses to “& 7 months later”

  1. allym007

    Hey sweetie
    Just wanted to stop by and wishing you the very best in 2017. From what I have read 2016 came with all sorts of challenges and changes… I hope that you will be happy and succeed in your new path. As always you are in my heart, my dear friend. Thinking of you all the way from France. Much much Love xxxxxxx


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