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Nervous Nelly

I am beyond nervous about this move. Since the day i signed the offer I have had headaches basically every day and fell sick right after. Well the sickness had more to do with me being reckless and playin’ tonsil hockey with someone who was sick but regardless it doesn’t help the situation

Trying to find an apartment has been nothing short of a nightmare and for whatever reason the apartment managers never find the need to reply to an email in a time sensitive manner. Maybe its the holiday week, maybe it isn’t but either way I have reduced to becoming a fully functional walking ball of stress. Best part,  I cannot tell anything to anyone at work because this would then reduce the amount of hours I will get to work here ! Argh

This too will pass, this I know; but it cannot come soon enough.


3 Responses to “Nervous Nelly”

  1. allym007

    Hey sweetie
    Things will get better soon I promise.
    Sending you all the very best positive vibes and lots of love too ! (that always help ! )
    Keep us posted on your new adventures please. Will be following you, as always…


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