2 weeks since

So I have finally managed to get my packing and moving sorted out. In typical fashion the move will take pack and then the movers will deliver everything on the 21st. I start work on the 22nd. I mean even if you tried you couldn’t get it to be cut this close. I also managed to find a mover in Cleveland that was able to commit to the date so I dont have to worry about how to go about moving it all from the trailer to the apartment. Of course all of this was delayed thanks to some really slow service from the manager at the apartment I rented who I am beginning to think

As to how I am driving from Phoenix to Cleveland, well I haven’t quite figured that out. I did however get new wheels/tires and get the car services so it is good to go about 2600 miles ish ! This should be entertaining to say the least esp given that I will be driving alone.  Maybe I will get some good pictures along the way.. Ah I must remember to pack the camera separately.

So besides being a nervous wreck and faking it till I make it, I think it is going to be ok. I know that failure is not an option so i will try twice as hard and twice as long before I even come back to phoenix.

So here it is
– 32 more days till I start
– 7 more days till I give my notice
– 12 days till I fly out and see the apartment.

Ah and the fun has yet to begin and I am already losing sleep thinking about this !!

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