I have had enough this year. I have been beaten into the ground, left questioning everything i know, everything about me and honestly all but broken. Enough, this ends. I know that I am my own worst enemy. I need schedule and routine and I have deprived myself of this in order to please others and well.. enough..

So here is to holding me accountable

  1. I will – meticulously track my purchases and avoid frivolous expenses which has lead to a ballooning of my personal debt and caused much grief. Sure being out of work for a few months, moving to a whole new city, and not having any clothing for winter did attribute to it. Throw in the divorce and the need for all new furniture it makes sense but debt is never sensible. And I have had enough. This ends, I will end this debt load before the end of the next year.
  2. I will work out diligently averaging anywhere between 5 to 14 times a week. That is a 200% range but that is what I am committing to. A minimum of 5 and well ideally 14.
  3. I will supplement assiduously and not take that lightly either.
  4. I will get a a scale and get some pre and post pictures in a month. What gets tracked gets improved, what does not suffers.
  5. I will fix my diet and that to me means, no meat, no junk food, no sweets (yea is the holidays but I believe I can) and the hardest yet – no alcohol.
  6. I will journal more frequently and since more frequently is a vague comment, I will update this at least once a week.

So here is to my journey of getting out from over 50k in debt , being 15 lbs overweight or whatever that body fat percentage is to getting it 8-10 percent in the long term and under 20-15% in the immediate to near term future

Here is to the dawn of a new me, one I have always known and let go.


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